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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

I would like to share some of the deeper reasons for writing the children's book-"Peppa Inez's 'Universou'l Hair." On my spiritual journey -as I began to make some physical changes. Some of those changes were- a strong desire to be as natural as possible-to include what I ate, the products used on my body, and finally embracing my natural kinky hair!

During my investigation & studies, along with meditation. I have become convinced that our bodies and our spirit & soul are intricately linked and that one affects the other until of course, we shed this body when we transition from this earthly existence. I was three years totally natural when I realized that I was feeling more connected to the world around me. Had more energy with less food. I felt quite a bit more intuitive and that the 'universe' was working with me instead of against me so to speak. I also felt much more creative than in the past. Never at that point in time- did I connect some of these changes with my hair, until I started researching vibrational medicine and sound healing, etc., as a past time. Yes, I know!! I am a nerd to my core lol!

But turns out there is scientific research that indicates our hair is an extension of our nervous system, and it is like antennae. We transmit and receive messages with our hair!

So if you've read the book- then you can see how I came up with the fact that Peppa interacts with the stars, sun & moon by her hair naturally 'pointing' to the sky :).

Share your thoughts! I would love to hear your angle on this!

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