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So if you have visited recently- you may have read the author section where I have answered questions about my children's book-"Peppa Inez's 'Universoul' Hair." And as most writers and speakers can attest to-when you are writing at some point you feel the subject or character is 'assisting' in its own creation. I am sure this is what we all call 'inspiration,' which certainly all of us have experienced many many times in our lifetime. Especially teachers, pastors, preachers, gurus can tell many stories of how their lesson, sermons, prose, seemed to have 'higher guidance.'

Well, the naming of the main character in my children's book produced that same phenomenon, for me! I had struggled with a name forever while writing this book, but then the name "Peppa" came to the forefront of my mind. I rejected it because of 1. there is a popular children's book with a lovable pig by that name, and 2. All I could think of was the female rap group from the 1990s! Lol.

So the idea persisted though, and I gave in and decided to use that name. But I knew that I needed a middle name or something to differentiate it from the other well-known uses of that name. It really was months later that the "Inez" name came to me. So just as I was finishing the artwork and had begun formatting the book, I practically panicked! Because I had no idea what those names meant! After all, most people name their children specific names to either honor an ancestor or to promote a trait they hope to see in the child as it grows up.

So I did my research on both names and realized that the name 'Peppa' means 'God increases', and the name 'Inez' means 'pure/sacred.'! It couldn't have been a better name for a book encouraging us naturally nappy/coily-haired' little girls and women to accept and actually esteem our God-given beauty!

So do you know what your name means? Have you shared with your child why they were given the name they have? Who knows you may have had some wonderful guidance!

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