Stamp Out Hair Supremacy!

As we enter the year 2020-with new goals and resolutions, let's not forget that some things never change-or should I say some things are slow to change. For me that would be the perception society has regarding my physical appearance as a black woman.

I understand that there are 'bigger fish to fry' in the grand scheme of things. With so many things that so many human beings are contending with and trying to overcome-such as poverty, adequate healthcare, and jobs. I get it, and I understand priorities.

But this is an issue nevertheless, for black women & children. We are finding not only does this hatred for our appearance affect us mentally, but also physically. Case in point-

Make a resolution today to no longer judge others for their appearance, including our own. Make a resolution today to realize there is no 'one' standard of beauty as we all are created uniquely, and should be able to display that uniqueness without threat of harm!

An easy way to lend help to this issue-is to click the link below where you can sign the petition to end hair discrimination for all whose hair does not fit the European standard of beauty. Support the CrownAct SB188.

Thank you for taking the time to support our women & children who dare to refrain from masking their natural beauty!

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