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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

As I stand on the other side of publishing this children's book which spotlights the love that the black child or woman needs to have for herself. I can't help but have the sensation that the rhetoric surrounding our natural hair journeys, and what I personally call 'awakenings to our true selves'- will soon be a thing of the past. I predict that sooner than later, black women will have forgotten there was even an issue with her natural physical form. Not only will she love and cherish and prefer it, but her partners will love, cherish, and prefer it as well. It won't be a second thought for me or any other nappy-headed woman to leave the house, go out in public and interact with others without the hatred and fear projected towards us.

But make sure you understand, that I am not so much concerned about the folks outside of myself accepting me. It is paramount that I accept, love, and cherish myself as I was created. And that "I" do what's necessary to make it so that I can freely and happily move about society in that manner-nappy head and all :)!

My father -who was born during the depression era-had a book written in the 1920s which looked like a cartoon book from that time in history. I remember reading it and marveling at how the characters were dressed, the 'slang' or common phrases of that time were so different from mine at the time (1960's-'70's). Though nothing was really relevant to me personally in that book, and no one that looked like me appeared in it. It still gave me a glimpse of what people were experiencing, and what people felt was worth writing about.

I am encouraged that the book that I have written will hopefully more sooner than later- be a thing of the past as far as the issue it addresses. It will be something seemly foreign to a future reader.

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