Blog Post 12/22/19--> "Stopping Hair Supremacy"

As everyone knows by now I am passionate regarding freedom of our black women, men, and children from- what I have coined- as 'hair supremacy' in this country. Hair is not a body decoration or simply an expression of vanity. One has to wonder why we are the only persons on this planet who are not allowed to freely be in our most natural state. Some of us are no longer ashamed -some of us know the spiritual significance of our hair. Once you have an understanding of self and the significance of how you were created, you cannot help but be appalled!

The news headlines are fraught with stories of children not being allowed back into their schools, children being assaulted for having natural hairstyles. Black women losing jobs or being passed over for positions simply due to our hair texture. Of course, as a woman with naturally kinky hair, I have my own stories to share. If every black woman that dared to 'go natural'- shared the sum total of their experience -we would all have to live 10,000 lifetimes to hear them all!

The following organizations have successfully assisted legislators in California & New Jersey to pass a law to end hair discrimination- Color of Change, Crown Coalition, ActBlue, Organize For. The Crown Act SB 188 is now a law in those states. The campaign is called-"Help us End Hair Discrimination in the Workplace and Schools."

Let's see if we can get other states on board! I have recently signed the petition to help move this campaign forward. Would you join me? Click the link below to electronically sign this petition, it's an easy way to make your voice heard!

After you've signed the petition please also take a moment to share it with others.

Thank you!

Candace Jones-Hagy

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