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Updated: Feb 16, 2020

During Black History Month, we as African Americans and Indigenous Americans -are focused on our history and uncovering the beauty, the sadness, tragedy, and hidden triumphs. As a woman who was a young child during the civil rights era and experiencing the racism right in my own neighborhood and school experiences-I am keenly aware of the effects of it. I am forever shaped by it. Fast-forwarding over a half a century later I can see great strides in many directions of our progress as 'people of color', but not much movement to evolve in other areas.

I am speaking of our physical appearance, and how we perceive it. There are things you are no longer encountering that your ancestors did encounter. But there are things you are still struggling with that your post-slavery ancestors contended with as well.

We are a spiritual people and have proven our affinity for being so-by how we used our oppressor’s religious system to help pull ourselves out of the mental and physical pain of slavery. That is a feat that I will not ever disregard, however, our ancestral belief system supported something more all-encompassing.

My physical presence is part of my spirituality. The mind, soul, spirit, and body are all linked which is proven by science even at this point, and many non-Western philosophies and religions. To disregard this fact is to overlook the linkage between all aspects of self.

Any religious system that would have you believe that everyone’s physical appearance is more important than yours, should be held to further scrutiny. The physical and spiritual benefits of being heavily melinated, and having kinky hair are too numerous to post on this blog. In this tech age where information is almost instantaneous, you can find answers and information regarding this fact.

Vanity and competitive beauty is the mindset of a society that is not concerned about, or should I dare say, even consciously aware of the ramifications of our body's connection to the earth and the cosmos- which is part of our spiritual experience. Our ancestors knew this before the holocaust that was slavery in America. To focus on vanity alone -to me, is like your child playing dress-up with your adult clothes and make-up, etc.- make believing they fully understand the full experience of being an adult.

*There is no aspect of yourself that is insignificant, learn about it all!*


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